Our Goal

Our Goal is to reach more areas especially to those who have limited access to sustainable livehood.

Wise Cleaner aims to give more people an opportunity to save while earning


All Raw Materials from Wise Cleaner are FDA QUALIFIED. Hence, kits released are in good quality conditions,

from its content up to packaging.

General Terms &

⦁ Distributor must have a physical store.
⦁ Initial purchased of 500 pcs of any kits or P100,000 worth of kits whichever is lower and 100 kits of re-order within 30 days to stay active. ⦁ Discount range of P40-P50 less from SRP for distributors.
⦁ Distributor may sell anywhere focusing on their municipality/city at their own price provided that the price is not below the suggested retail price.
⦁ Wise Cleaner has the right to change discounted price without prior notice due to fluctuation cost of raw materials
⦁ Distributor is required to create Facebook page and actively promote Wise Cleaner kits especially on his/her area in order to maintain a profitable ecosystem for all parties involved and continues business operation.

⦁ Shipping fee of kits will be shoulder by the Distributor.

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