How it started?

August 2020 in the middle of pandemic and lockdown, just like everyone else, Jemary Sebastian, a mother, was trying to find a solution on how she can generate a source of income for her family. It was impossible for her to find a job not just because of pandemic but also because she was pregnant with her second baby.


Realizing her situation, it pushed her to do some research and be creative. She then found out that you can make your own home care products.

Our Company

As Wise Cleaner continues to achieve their mission to inspire and motivate people by giving them the opportunity to save while making money, they were able to build a close knit community.

A part of that community is Wise Cleaner Negosyo Tips, an online group that was created to help members to share their own experiences and also to share their ideas to support and motivate each other. The key to success is to help others by giving them hope and wisdom to achieve their dreams.

It also helps the new member to learn how to make on their own and to lessen the mistakes that may occur in the future. The group also being taught on how to handle rejection so that they can build up their own strength to continue doing the business.