Fabcon Kit


Fabcon Kit

The long lasting fragrant on your clothes are now available. It is very affordable. For as low as P250 pesos, you can already make your own fabric conditioner up to 10 Liters. It has many scents to choose from like Sunrise, Comfort, Passion, Lavender and many more. You may use it at home or you may share this to your neighbor as well as on other businesses like small eatery, restaurant and laundry shop. It is very efficient and yet very effective on giving the clothes a long lasting smell. Just follow the instruction carefully to have a better result.

You can buy the our kits at Shopee and Lazada. Just click the link below.

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Fabcon Kit


Sunrise, Passion, Lavender, Antibac


Fabcon Kit 10L Yield, Fabcon Swak 20L Yield, Fabcon Tipid 50L Yield